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I realise that as my stories crawl into the daylight, blinking and looking for innocent readers, I should update this page more often. Or write less. Who knows? If you actually want to read it, my work falls into a few broad categories, often shrieking as it falls:

Period supernatural, strange and occult detective stories, which include:

  • A Study in Grey – a Last Edwardian/Sherlock Holmes novella out now from 18th Wall Productions, April 2016.
  • Lips Shall Speak No More – a short story awaiting anthology announcement, Autumn 2016
  • A Persistence of Geraniums – a short story coming from Ravenwood as a chapbook, late 2016
  • The Jessamine Garden – a short story awaiting anthology announcement, Summer 2016
  • The Intrusion, A Loss of Angels and One Last SarabandeLast Edwardian short stories free on Smashwords

Lurchers  and longdog articles, which include:

  • Lurchers for Beginners – a not entirely serious look at the weirdness of lurchers and longdogs from a surprising number of angles, free on the website

Horror, dark fantasy and mythic stories, which include:

  • Messages, a Lovecraftian short story in Chulhusattva from Martian Migraine Press, May 2016
  • A Stranger Passing Through,  noir revenant story in Blood, Sweat and Fear from Nosetouch, coming Summer 2016
  • Hungery, a mythic short story in Giants & Ogres from CBAY, June 2016
  • With the Dark and the Storm, a Lovecraftian story awaiting anthology announcement, Summer 2016
  • Sandra’s First Pony, a series of somewhat odd H P Lovecraft/Enid Blyton crossover short stories (starring Mr Bubbles the slightly psychotic pony), free on the website.

I write science fiction and general speculative stuff when I have the time.

As a storyteller, I like to explore failure, frustration and why we bother to be alive.  Sometimes I come to a cheerful conclusion about it all, so don’t think everything’s doom and gloom. I also like to get paid, and for people to write reviews of my work, which keeps the dogs in chicken carcasses. That last bit is Very Important.


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