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At greydogtales we come across a lot of interesting stuff, and then immediately forget most of the links. So we’re building up a list of blogs and sites we like. Not all will interest all, and we may try to add brief notes, but try a few out and see…

Some interesting topic sites:

Ginger Nuts of Horror

The Haunted Library

The R’Lyeh Tribune

Skulls in the Stars

William Hope Hodgson – Sam Gafford

The Conqueror Weird

The Night Land

Horror Delve – Matt Cowan

Folk Horror revival

Crom’s Keep – David Wilbanks

Some authors’ own blogs and sites:

Sam Gafford

John Guy Collick

Tim Prasil – The Merry Ghost Hunter

Ted E Grau – cosmicomicon

William Meikle

Willie Meikle’s blog

Ray Cluley – probably monsters

Clarissa Johal

A F Stewart – Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Some illustrator/writer sites:

David Senior – Eastscapes (photography)

feuilleton – John Coulthart

M Wayne Miller

Alone with alone – Raphael Ordonez

Sebastian Cabrol

Some lurcher and longdog rescue organisations:

Lurcher Link

Lurcher SOS



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