You are now at greydogtales, which may be a surprise if you typed the wrong thing into the Google searchbox. You’re very welcome here, anyway.

If you came here for more about lurchers, longdogs and what remains of our poor garden, look at the tag cloud on the lower left-hand side and you can avoid the writing bits.

If you came here for details of psychic/occult stories, Edwardian snippets or musings on authors and writing in general, the same applies but you’ll probably find more of it. A lot of longdog time is spent out with them, not writing about them.

If you want to know automatically when there’s something new on the site, we have the technology. Just pop your email address in the box, also on the lower left-hand side, and you’ll get a message.

Oh, and I am on Facebook under John Linwood Grant, but I’m not always as much fun as greydogtales…

So look around and hopefully have a good time!

NB. This site uses a medley of images, some mine, some not. I try to credit all sources – if I can find them.  If they’re your pics and you want them taken down, just get in touch.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. What a wonderful article “Lurchers for beginners” is, LOL . We have a greyhound but I’ve friends with lurchers. They are currently being driven potty by the latest two (bedlington terrier x whippet) and their hunting instinct

  2. Have just been introduced to your site – fantastic. Your lurchers for beginners is brilliant, made me laugh out loud and it’s all completely familiar.A saluki/greyhound (longdog?) allows me to share her house. She is completely adorable, of uncertain age, probably c 13, in great order, and her shopping list in order of preference would be deer, squirrels, certain species of rabbit. Lives on a farm takes no notice of chicken or guinea fowl, but wouldn’t want to leave her with the sheep…look forward to more posts

  3. Wonderful to have stumbled on your site via a share of your Training for Humans (was it called that?) piece on Facebook. Great writing: I look forward to more.

  4. Great to find this, lurchers are definitely a breed apart. I have 3 ( 2 would be longdogs) Saluki x something, an oldish girl around 10, a whippet x greyhound about 6, & a saluki x whippet about 20 months. All rescues. The baby came into to rescue at 13 weeks old so we have just survived the puppy thing. She is as mad as a box of frogs & a proper pocket rocket. Joy on legs 🙂 I agree that the sight of them running has to be one of the best things ever. They do live with cats, but anything out on a walk is a different matter. I will look forward to reading more

  5. Just found your FB page and, being owned by a 3 yr old brindle greyhound/whippet/saluki monster, had a bit of a meltdown at the accuracy of ‘Training Humans’. I now consider myself properly trained because I have got 10/10!!

    Keep ’em coming!

    1. Glad that you like us! The tragedy is that it’s all drawn from experience – but then life with lurchers is rarely boring, so it’s worth it. And our alpha female Chilli will approve of your score…

  6. Adored the beginners article, wonderfully observed and very witty. We have four lurchers and my wife called their games ‘bitey face’ before seeing your article and reassuring to know it’s not just ours that try to scalp one another.

    1. Thanks! Bitey face is a bit of a shocker to people who haven’t seen lurchers at play – had to explain it more than once to some very alarmed neighbours. Ten minutes after a bout our two are usually snuggled together like little angels. 🙂

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